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Why I'm leaving CC chat (Or not showing up as often)

Frankly, the chat has gone downhill. It's now full of silly teenagers. Only a few people I respect are left. I might come on once every few days, but don't expect me to be on everyday. 

So, here it is. My memoirs

When I first joined CC chat

I had arrived in CC chat after a tragedy. And honestly, I was a bit of a brat. I was rude, obnoxious and annoying. Not many people liked me, and I didn't like many people. I remember getting into many fights with admins and mods, and not respecting them at all. I would like to apologize for my brattish behaviour then, and I seriously regret it. After about a month of being on chat, I decided to take a break that lasted about 3 months.

Coming back onto CC chat

When I first came back, not many people were happy. But after a while, they realized I had changed. I was polite, kind and caring. I made many friends who I love dearly, I had gained respect from people, and was, all round, liked. Many of the people I met there are some of my closest and dearest, and I hold them in the highest respect. To all those people, I wish you the best. I have many fond memories of those people, and I will never forget them.


To AngelJay and Ozzy - Thank you for being like a sister and brother to me, and thank you for all the laughs

To Manglytyg - Thank you for cheering me up and being one of the highlights of my day

To PrinceKakarotSS3 - Thank you for dropping the grudge, and I wish you all the best with you and your girlfriend

To Zmario - Thank you for putting up with my rather funny outburts on Anime 101

To KCC and Ansela - KCC, I seriously enjoyed being your Kawaii-ity. Ansela, thank you for being so calm and collected and being such a good friend

To KG - KG ;-; I wuv chu

To CS - CS ;-; I also wuv chu

To Alice and Fujiwara - Thank you for being my waifu's

To Loy - Thank you for being my Scottish friend

And finally, to all the mods - Thank you for putting up with my (at times) annoying behaviour

Ways of contacting me

Skype - XxPassionRawrzxX

Steam - XxPassionRawrzxX

Email - OR

Wiki's - Anime 101, Corpse Party.