I'm ​​kinda new here so, please be nice with me. But, don't worry, I'm a Wattpad Author which means, I'm nice too. Authors must be nice so that they can gather readers more.

Hello, I'm Kazuko Kimiko. My details about me is right below. You still need to guess what the sentences mean though.

  • I will stalk you forever, except when you go to the bathroom.
  • I will carefully have my eyes on you because, I am a secret agent.
  • I am an angel that is fighting til' the wars won.
  • If the boy is a devil then, I am the _____.
  • I am an ______ which Ging consider as evil.
  • I am one of the members in the famous Assassination Classroom.
  • You do know that I have three Deres.
  • I would rather be at home, alone, than be playing outside.
  • Try to pick a fight with me, and you'll be fighting the one who'll get you to the hospital.
  • Is it time for punishment, Princess?
  • T-shirt with jeans and sneakers is me.
  • When you're sensing danger, it's me.
  • Try to disobey my orders and you can feel me hitting you.
  • To me, lying fixes everything.
  • I can be called 'that' because, I stole someone's heart.
  • I've got good eyes , I can kill from far away with a gun.
  • I'm proud to be one.
  • I am born to be like this. I'd like to attend schools with only us allowed. Also when we die, we will go to the A**** World.

Ka- from Kaze (wind) Zu- from Mizu (water) Ko- (child) (Based on Kanji) Ki- Precious Mi- Beauty Ko- Child   

KazukoKimiko07 (talk) 13:39, August 25, 2016 (UTC)A girl who has an imaginative and social mind that loves to be with her friends than with her family. She may be happy when you see her but, when you look deeply into her eyes, it is full of sadness.           A girl who loves the sky, clouds, space, and especially the stars. Looking at the stars is one of her hobbies. Even if there's no stars visible in the sky, she will still look at the lonely night sky, smiling.

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KazukoKimiko07 (talk) 13:39, August 25, 2016 (UTC)KazukoKimiko