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Music and war

By:Keith bryant

There many musicians here in the united states.Also there is war.For example take the Star Spangled Banner as an example.The star spangled banner happened in the War of 1812.Eventually President jefferson led that war to let men have freedom and liberty for thmselves.As the 2nd United States president,Jefferson was the hero of the country.Then during the Civil War went on to president Abraham Lincoln. In July 1865,Lincoln was the next hero who ever won the Civil War along with 25,000 americans who risk their lives for us today.With this,the country over the yars have their freedom for liberty and rights for men,women,and children. As the star spangled banner was the 1st song ever written for the country and the nations all around it.May we support it as our father the country,and may God bless us in the United States of America.

Thank You.