hey everyone! its been a whuile since i posted stuff on here -_-

But anyways I want to talk about my new boyfreind...? its kinda weird how it ended but lemme tell you the story

My freind asked me to a dance (it was cancled) as friends so i didnt really question it, my friend told me he liked me but i didnt really think he did. Then i started noticing him trying to hold my hand but didnt want to ask, then once the dance was cancelled and he said we can go to other ones together. Thats when I knew he liked me but tried not to talk about, hay dont ask me- i never really understood love and only a few people had small crushes on me. I guess i never thought that people really awkward and i didnt want to ruin the freindship we already had if things didnt go well. Thats when he finnaly told me, it took him a while to tell me. Its like him and his plan had a full out plan to small talk me XD. After a day of me blushing and not knowing what to say to him i told him that i did have a feeling for him too, and then somehow we became a couple? i dunno some of our friends asked us and we said yes XD i just hope nothing happens to our friendship if the realashinship goes down hill. young love is strange but, just hold the freindship close and dont let the freindship go