Hey Wikians, I’m Hilary Goldstein, one of the newest members of the Wikia Staff. I'm a lifelong gamer and I'm excited to join Wikia as the Gaming Category Manager.

I love talking about games. If you’re curious what I think about some of the big games that are out or coming out, want to read some insight into the industry, or just keep up with whatever the heck I am doing -- follow the Killhil blog. I will update it regularly with gaming goodness. In fact, next week I’ll be posting my personal picks for the top five game of 2011.

Arrival on a new planet

I landed on this new world called Wikia to discover a few things. First, they don't have phones at the desks in this office. Seriously, no phones. How do things get done? I don't understand! Ah, but they have free Red Vines, so I've decided to stay. My role is to help video game wikis in any way I can. If you have a cool gaming wiki, lemme know; I want to check it out.

Past life

I once worked at Actually, I worked there for a long time. My biggest success was launching a pretty awesome comic book channel now run by the charming Joey Esposito. My biggest flub was announcing Microsoft had recalled the original Xbox from Japan (blame it on a bad translation... they were just a teeny bit upset).

If you’re an IGN fan, you may know me as the voice of Hilary Goldstein on the Game Scoop! and Three Red Lights Podcasts. We don't have a Wikia podcast... yet. However, if you are part of a wiki community with a games podcast or want to get one started, give me a shout.

Why Wikia?

I used to run an editorial group of about 20 people at IGN. What I love about Wikia is that there are tens of thousands of editors. It's pretty incredible when you think about how many folks create and maintain wikis here. I'm still pretty new to Wikia, but the wikis I've dug into so far have really impressed me.

The most important thing

My favorite game of all time? Chrono Trigger

Yes, a lot of amazing games have been released, but this remains my one true love. It's the best RPG ever made, has amazing music, a great story, memorable characters, and tons of different endings. If you've only played the "sequel", Chrono Cross, you are missing out. Chrono Trigger is unique and still hasn't been topped.

I'm excited to get to know many of you, find out what you love about games (and what you hate), and help your wikis to become even more successful at Wikia. If you have ideas, thoughts, or think there's a game better than Chrono Trigger (it's OK to be wrong) - let me know!

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