Here is my story. (Click on as many links u want 2 click on)

A boy character is in enemy territory. He's confronted by one of these girls (who knocks/kicks his lights out, after getting his attention) {Decide how she does it}:

1) Girl Boxing-

2) Woman doing boxing poses-

3) Woman Boxer’s Portrait-

4) Woman kickboxing-

He wakes up dizzy. Describe which clothes the girls should wear (miniskirts {they can throw front kicks/high kicks to the face in miniskirts}, jeans, short shorts,etc,.), In a tantalizing voice, one of the girls says, "You need to be punished." Which girl should pummel him and describe the kickboxing moves she uses. Here r the girls:

1) Young woman w/ boxing gloves

2.a.) Hispanic woman kickboxing-

2.b.) Hispanic Woman boxing-

3) Hispanic lady w/ boxing gloves-

4) Girl boxer-


6) Boxer-

7) Girl boxing-

8) Bikini boxer-


10) Woman with boxing gloves-

11) Boxing Woman-

Describe the kind of beat down you'd like to read about. Can you describe what kind of clothes each woman/girl is wearing? (NO flip flops unless the girl is wearing jeans or joggers).