all of this was on the TDW chat

so, i was on the chat waiting for no one as normal,when suddenly this person came on called (well,where their name was was just a space. that was the first alarm signel.) then i had to refresh, so i did. he was back, and this time, i screen shot what showed. the following are the raw screans, and stuff. (i don;t know how long he was on for the first time,i was to busy playing on Cut the rope time travel.)

the hacker in question

next, after i seen him, i went to refresh one of the other tabs, (it was the contribs tab) and the page was all glitchy, but not too bad. i just guesed that one was lag,as it was just missing infos, but still, i went to upload the photo, and the first screenshot turned into a different file type, i was like defudge.... after i uploaded the second screanshot instead of the normal splash page, it went to here. i just changed the first screanshot into a png, and this is what it was

Who the

also, when i trieed to go to his contributions, itlead to my contributions page, and when i tried his talk page it went here