As per User_blog:Craiglpalmer/Introducing_Fandom, some of us are really deep into the fandom, as being obsessed.

A fan would like a few things, while one deep into the fandom would like a lot of things' close to the point of being called a hoarder. Then there are those are in-between the fans and fandom, as they have mixture of things they like.

In the end, do you really have to be a true fan to get deep into the fandom? Nope. You just like what you want and go from there.

What is a true, true fan? One who has been there thru it all, no matter the circumstances, (this includes: hatred, bullying, obsessions and so on). The worse thing is, you end up being the one having to call the shots.

How far would you go to protect your fandom? Until it breaks you, even if it means alienating those around you. You want people to look up to you, as they can trust you and ask for help. But when push comes to shove, you might end up resigning from the fandom.