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  • Klock101


    August 25, 2011 by Klock101

    Whatever happened to Special:Mostvisitedpages? I just went looking for it, and it's gone.

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  • Klock101

    I am not here to name names. This blog post will remain name free. I want your opinion on this situation, and do not want to name users involved.

    Recently I have started editing on a wiki that is in need of a major cleanup. I've done some work on extremely messy articles, giving them structure and order. I also designed a logo for them. However, the admin team there seems very inexperienced. In particular, there is one admin who was made a sysop just 1 day after making an account. Suddenly he introduces a rule whereby you need 700 edits to become an admin, and pushed for admins who didn't have 700 edits to be demoted to standard editors or rollbackers. It later transpired that this admin had previously vandalised another wiki under a diffe…

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