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Kltt05 June 7, 2012 User blog:Kltt05

Welcome to Lan Phaserippeers wikia. Hi my name is Lan Phaseripper. I am a Jedi Knight who has been in some major battles such as The Secound Battle Of Genousis, Misson To Ice Burg Three,defeated the sith temple with many sith including Darth Maul, i am also a chamipion racer and duelest. I have a base on a astroid in the Austin Cluster system where we drill for oil and my troopers are constructioning a republic base you are welcome to vist anytime The houses name is Big Republic Base. My jedi master is Eeth Koth and Adi Galla.One time i fought off Savage Opress which injered whitch temporally put on a mask which i currently wear. Feel free to add me ,Lan Phaseripper, May the force be with you

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