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Master Steve and Brandon Nicholas crisis

Kltt05 June 11, 2012 User blog:Kltt05

Hello people of the world. Today i will be talking about Brandon Nicholas and Master Steve war. Just so everyone will know i am on both sides and i am not going to get involed.I do have to adimit that Brandon kinda did the right thing because if he wanted to leave then he wanted to leave. On the other hand Master Steve has the right to be mad because Brandon did leave becasue he thought it was getting old and stupid. I would be mad just like Master Steve but not this mad now he is saying that to get off the game or he will kill him. Now that did do over the top but i am on both sides but still i would like if they would just become friends again or ignore eachother forever. Still i miss the old CWA where it was only fun and hanging out with friends.Not oh i will put on ignore you forever and i hate you and i will spam your page and crap.So just let you all know i am on both sides and i wish that the other war will end and bye. Lan.

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