• Knife!

    daNASCAT + C-haritwo

    December 16, 2011 by Knife!

    daNASCAT and C-haritwo have successfully managed to ruin an entire wiki. Annoying Orange Wiki has been through a lot and I doubt it can stand much more. It started with X2, a friend of Bryce53 (formerly MHLU) being blocked of accused sockpuppetry by C-haritwo who then later blocked Bryce53 indefinetely. Then me and Brainulator9 got blocked temporarily for trying to reason with him. Then came Spidey665 who argued for the case and got blocked indefinetely. Other users have been blocked including Cissy15 who only helped per request of Bryce53. So I am telling the Wikia staff to investigate this as I can see many problems in your future if this is left ignored

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  • Knife!


    November 6, 2011 by Knife!

    As you know, chat is a relatively popular feature for users and I am wishing to offer you an idea to further it's brilliance. Under the 'Recent Activity' section you could place a minituarized chat as I am not a fan of the full page chat.

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  • Knife!

    My ideal improvements

    June 28, 2011 by Knife!

    I think there are still a few improvements to make, despite Wikia's frantic efforts to make Wikia the best wiki farm there is (even though it already is).

    These are my suggestions:

    • On the Secret Achievements track, the 2 badges which are silver are about making 100 edits. They are both the same except the fact one is a whole day time limit, the other only allows one hour after an article's creation of a time limit and yet you gain the same amount of points! The 100 edits in an hour of an article's creation should be made gold.
    • Disable the category track, people cheat there by adding tons of irrelevant categories. They can just put the numbers 1 to 250 as a category each and by magic they have a gold badge.
    • In the achievements, if you get admin…

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