I think there are still a few improvements to make, despite Wikia's frantic efforts to make Wikia the best wiki farm there is (even though it already is).

These are my suggestions:

  • On the Secret Achievements track, the 2 badges which are silver are about making 100 edits. They are both the same except the fact one is a whole day time limit, the other only allows one hour after an article's creation of a time limit and yet you gain the same amount of points! The 100 edits in an hour of an article's creation should be made gold.
  • Disable the category track, people cheat there by adding tons of irrelevant categories. They can just put the numbers 1 to 250 as a category each and by magic they have a gold badge.
  • In the achievements, if you get adminship you could get a silver badge and if you gain bureaucratship you can gain a gold badge

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