Ok, I need to get some things off my chest. Right now I am using the open door policy (something I learned working at Wal-Mart in the past). I feel as though I have been abandoned by many people. Even if I email wikia, they will not answer any of my emails (none of my past emails were answered). My old account was different. But, I gave them such a hard time that I think that was the reason why they stopped responding to me. They never even fixed the bug on my forum page that was ticketed in days ago. Me and Annabeth had to suffer with a broken forum. I am not reporting anything right now, I am just getting some things off my chest. So, please do not judge me.

Another thing that bothers me is, I can't even go in chat without Saturate harassing me and falsely reporting me to staff/admin. Last time I was in there he tried to report me for selling car insurance to him in PM. Really!? I don't even drive! Then my own friends abandon me. Nobody talks to me anymore. Yea, I've been depressed lately, but that doesn't change anything. In person, I live in solitude. I have no friends whatsoever. I don't make any or even try because I don't want to be bothered. But, I came here on wikia because I was probably lonely and needed some people to talk to. So, I came here trying to make a difference. I was offered to be a mentor, which I don't even know what even happened to that. I should have followed through with it. But, no one would even think about letting me help by now. I wanted to create new ideas for wikia, which in return only caused me trouble. It seemed that what I wanted to do wasn't even noticed. Any time I put an idea in, it wasn't even looked into. I tried sending a message about ideas I wanted to do. That wasn't even looked into. My idea about making a wikia client was laughed at in the past. So, I gave up on that as well.

Another thing... If you're going to try and judge me, or be rude to me, I will delete your comment from my wall. If you are my friend, you will not post in this blog. Because you're only going to tell me, "you shouldn't be making a blog about something you know the answer to". I noticed my own friends were talking against me. When I talk to someone on a personal level, I expect them to talk to me on a personal level, and for them for once to put aside their glorified position, or high rank. I believe wikia should enforce this open door policy. At my old job, it was used. Although, the open door was usually one on one and not to everyone. So, if you would like to say anything and shout inside of a staff/admin pm box, it should be aloud. That should be our cooling off period. Right now I am sad and depressed as well as badly hurt. A lot of people will might take a look at this thinking I am a troll, or just someone obnoxious. But, I'm not. I've helped wikia since I got here, save for the last couple days. We should be able to enforce the open door policy and have a one on one with staff/admin about how we feel. It probably would have saved me from writing this blog which might turn into a ban. If I am banned, it's ok. All I really needed was to get this off my chest. I wont be staying here forever though. So, If I do get banned, I will gone, because my feelings come first. So, I would rather have my feelings saved and take my ban than wait until I am in tears.

As you can tell, I'm having a pretty rough time. One thing I do not like, and will never agree with is this, "If you feel you have been unfairly blocked, please contact the person who blocked you". That message is insulting to me. Who wrote that!? Who decided to make that message on the block page!? If an admin or vstf global bans you, you can't go to anyone except special:contact! The message has confused so many people, even myself in the past. Once you are banned, you get the message showing that your IP is banned. Surely the person who wrote that message meant chat ban.... (I wish I could be laughing at that right now). Let me make this easy for you guys. If any of you get banned, just go to ##Wikia on freenode and see if that person is there. There is a lot of people in there, so it's bound to be one of them. Now, on a small wikia page with barely any users, they probably wont be there.

One other thing. If the reply in this blog is going to be negative, I do not want to even see it here. So, you better not put negative stuff in this blog. It better be happy even if it's a lie, because I would rather be happy and see people on my side right before my ban. If anyone who was a friend to me needed to keep in contact, I have some friends on here that have my email. But, I'm not sure which one of them will really want to keep in contact with me anyways. You can just ask Synystershy for my email. Even if you weren't a good friend of mine and just feel you would like to be friends, you can still ask Synystershy for my email. I'd like to say, Zenology Wikia is a nice place. There are some good people over there that can use some nice friends. They treat everyone fairly. They never really ban unless they have to. I've never seen them use the ban/kick before. What I want for wikia is for people to be nice to one another. There should be a PM report button as well. I'm tired of getting trolled in PM. But, since I wont be back in chat, this is more for the people who still like going to general chat. Also, one thing that bothers me as well. I noticed that people say, "if the blog isn't a blog and is random, you need to take it to the forums", when in fact, the forums are for wikia related help. The only other thing in there that even feels like a general discussion is being able to ask for people who would like to be an admin for your page. Most of it is all questions, so this blog wouldn't fit well in there. People always like to say, take it to the forums (even though their content is not forum suitable). The forums is a place to help people and collect information. It is not a random chat. IT is all wikia related. The closest thing you can find off topic (which isn't really off topic) is for the new users, where they can introduce themselves and recruit help for their page.

Anyways, I am sorry everyone. I didn't really have anyone to talk to because that would mean going into chat (and get harassed by saturate and trolls), or post on walls about random stuff (and that would get annoying for anyone who reads recent activity). So, like I said before, do not reply to this topic if it is negative. The negative replies will be gone. Do not try and treat me like a child. I am a grown man and would like comfort and not negative opinions. I do not go inside your house and tell you how to live or what to do. Remember, please visit the people at Zenology wikia. They are wonderful friends.