This goes for staff, admin, and all other users. I'm the original Komishiro, but I decided it was best to create this new account and abandon the old one. This is to represent the new me here on Wikia.

I wanted to apologize to every user on the network. I don't believe anyone to be bad on here. I apologize for anything that might have upset others.

I especially would like to apologize to Sannse and Sactage. If you see any old posts that I have written, please don't bring them back to the surface. I would appreciate if people left the old posts alone. I am moving forward with this new name and going to help make Wikia a better place.

Wikia is a democracy, not a republic. So, just know that everything is decided upon by multiple people and not one single ruler ( thus making it a democracy ). The community makes decisions together. We are not to be single minded but open minded with other users on here.

My fit that I put up was short lived and I have payed for my insolence ( haha, gotta laugh at how I wrote that ). I am asking that we all work together to help make wikia a better place. We cannot decide things on our own. We must work together to help accomplish Wikia's goals.

Wikia staff/admin are the only ones who have the final say. We must pay our respects to the higher ups who work hard day and not to protect this community. A couple days ago I might have had a different outlook, but I've realized that Wikia has higher goals than what you can ever hope to imagine. Wikia has millionssss of people who are a part of this community. When one of us disrupt people, that then causes others to be disrupted.

Wikia is not a place to make personal friends. It is not a hangout spot. Wikia is an open public community which provides a network full of information. If you came to an information network just to make friends, please reconsider your decision. it is alright be friends with others on here, but when you make friends, it's with the entire community and not one single individual alone. This place is not a dating site, hotel, shopping center, etc...

Wikia is like a dictionary. It holds valuable information gathered by numerous users. Better yet, it is an encyclopedia. So, you wont find instant messaging, friends lists, or anything that might cancel out everyone else. This network is a public network meant to share with other users. If you make friends with Jimbo, then you must be friends with Jimbo's friend Sally. If you insult Sally, Jimbo will then be insulted as well. On the Wikia, it is our responsibility to make sure we protect this public community. If you want something with a friends list and something private, join yahoo or some other network.

But, look on the good side. You can always go into chat and hang out with everyone. There is even a PM on there ( for personal messages ). But, please make sure to follow those guidelines before entering chat.

There, account has been confirmed and fixed! :)