I am pun man!! I shall bring justice to wikia! *pulls out wikia badge"

  • runs after evil wikia doers* "Justice shall prevail! For none shall escape the puns of pun man!"

"I shall use puns at will! I have traveled over the 7 bagels of justice! My puns of justice shall prevail over the evil wikia doers!"

"Evil wikia doers! You can run, but you cannot hide from Pun Man!"

  • goes into cheezy power ranger stance* "Yes, pun man shall use puns at will, fighting evil wikia doers with my puns of justice!"

Ehh... So it's all a pun. But anyways, as many of you know, I am a user just like the rest. I am no man of justice who fights evil wikia trolls. I am not a goody two shoes, or a tattletale. I don't go tell on you because I want to be an admin -_-

As a matter of fact, I loathe that very thought. I wouldn't even have enough time to be an admin, let alone apply for a job at wikia. There were times I wanted to help clean things up, but what I'd rather do is create a team to help wikia doing something more constructive. Something I'd actually have time doing. I notice a lot of you have asked me to be an admin on your page (as a matter of fact I was even added as one without my knowing it on some other page). I don't mind helping people out, or being a temp mod if the time calls for it, but I already do a lot to really have time to be an admin at different sites.

I actually like most of the people on here. I'd rather help people than see those people get in trouble, but it's kind of hard when a lot of trolls come on here and vandalize the wikia. I see people get banned every day and it's not really pretty. I watch vulgar insults, flooding, caps abuse, and sock puppeteers. It actually gets quite tiring seeing the same thing over and over. Why don't I do anything about it, you ask? Because I can't? I'm no admin/staff or anything special. I don't tell on people to get stars or bonuses. I'd rather not get anything special on here. Then why do I do it? Because, I like to relax and talk to people without seeing chat get vandalized or watching vulgar insults. There's kids in there for crying out loud!

Also, every once in awhile I chime in a post (the right way). I don't act like an admin or staff, but a user that knows when to act and when to give correct guidance. I don't throw up authority or abuse my user privileges. People from chat know this. I try my best to guide people in the right direction and help them. More often than not (like 90 percent of the time) I'm trying to save users from being banned. Many know this, and I mean many when I say this: I use the word "Heads uP" because I like giving people the heads up to save them from the ban hammer.

So, if anyone has questions, I'd be willing to help out on that. If someone needs me to keep on eye on something, I can do that as well. I don't need to be any kind of admin to get things done. I can get things done in a more professional manner. If and I mean if, you need help with serious work on wikia that might pull me away from the general wikia community, please be patient, or catch me at a good time. You can always leave me a wall message or meet me in general chat. As you can see, I'm always doing something, even if it's helping keep an eye on the chat. If you need me to be an admin for a different wikia site, most of the time I wont even have time to visit a page, but every once in a while I can try and show up and edit a page a little. I'm not even doing proper editing on this blog, but I'm in a hurry, so I apologize.

Like I said before, what I really want to do is help wikia directly doing something more constructive. Some of you know, I wanted to develop a wikia client for wikia so I can make it easier for users to log on wikia and use easier features. I was looking for a way to create one button features to make things go much more smoothly. I wanted to create a log on screen and everything. What I didn't know is this has already been done online (for bots). It didn't mean what I did was a waste of time, it just means great minds think alike. See, to create fast one button scripts, there is chathax. As far as bots go, there was already a team that managed that as I heard. I believe sactage developed a client for a bot. I know he runs a bot, but I believe he developed a client for it. So literately my plan was in vain. But, at least I learned some things and I didn't give up. There is a lot of other things I can do for wikia.

If you feel like you don't want to be a simple wikia helper and you feel like you are more important than others, I can already tell you that you wont make it very far with that attitude. Actually there are people who have worked really hard on wikia for awhile now and they are still waiting in line to be an admin, or a chat mod, or get paid as a staff worker. Being known by wikia and moving up the ranks isn't as easy as you might think it is. Even on IRC it is not easy. I've been a server-admin on a small IRC server and it takes a long time before you can even be noticed or recognized by someone.

What Wikia needs is devotion. The more you ask for something, the more desperate you look. Let Wikia recognize you first as a hard worker and a motivated worker before you even try moving up that ladder. I hate to say this but, this is not something that can be accomplished in a week of helping wikia. Most people wait in line for months. So, right now, just be patient and observe for awhile until you can learn the ropes. After that, go ahead and start answering questions for awhile. Eventually you'll be noticed. It just takes time. Also, Wikia needs helpful contributors, so make sure to contribute constructively.