Ok, I just want to make something clear. When you use an account, you are responsible for that account. Do not blame it on other people or say you share the same name with someone else. 9/10 times that person is lying. If you have to share a wikia name with someone else, you probably shouldn't be using wikia at all. Also, I honestly don't believe it. I'm not trying to say everyone is a liar, but we've had this happen before where someone would come on saying they were banned, but it isn't their fault because they share a name. It is indeed their fault.

When you sign up with wikia, you basically agree to the terms of using an account, which leaves you responsible and nobody else. Whether you share a name or not (which most people are lying to avoid bans), it is your responsibility, as the person who signed up to take responsibility over the name you are using. Do not blame other people and try to avoid bans. If your name was banned, that's not wikia's problem. Names should not be shared in the first place. You should not share a name on wikia, period! Now, I have heard of people sharing emails because their parents make them (because they are too young to have their own), which I disagree with. If you are too young to have your own email, then you should not be sharing one in the first place. But that's beside the point. By signing up with wikia you take full responsibility. So, if you share a computer with someone (nothing wrong with that), then it's best to make sure you do not get banned, or the other person will be banned as well (because of the same IP).

So, to sum things up, please use Wikia responsibly and do not blame your brother or sister if you are banned. Don't be sharing wikia names with someone else. If you cannot create your own wikia name, then best thing to do is avoid using wikia, because it is only going to cause problems anyways.

I am sorry for the short blog, there's really not much more I can say about this. Just please read over wikia's policy before blaming your family member, or someone else for using your name. If you're sharing a computer and your IP is banned because your brother/sister share the same computer, there's really nothing we can do for that. There is no way to partially block an IP. It's either blocked or it's not. IF they don't block the IP then the person can just make a new name and jump right back on. Well, I hope this helps! Thank you!