I'd like to start a tech team and really get things moving in the right direction. If you have ideas for wikia inventions, please share. I would like a team to work with on this. It seems that the client for Wikia was already invented, but it doesn't mean we can't improve it. There are other ideas we can come up with well. If we put our heads together, we can come up with new neat stuff. The infobox is being worked on by a great team here on wikia. It would be great if a lot of you help with some of the ideas. The project has been going well.

If anyone wants to help contribute new ideas for the wikia client, I'd like to hear them as well. We can do whatever we can to improve the project. Also, those who work with IRC for Wikia are free to discuss ideas as well. IRC is still a great place, just not as big as it once was. There are still eggdrops you can download and work with. If not, you can learn python and create a bot from scratch. Either way, the choice is yours.

Also, we need more contributors for wikia. Because Wikia is rapidly growing every day, we need that much more contributors. You can always find something to do on wikia. Helping clean up wikia is another big job. I'd like to thank the VSTF team for doing a great job helping the community to be a better place as well. The VSTF is a very important job and they are the brains behind the clean up.

I've learned that with wikia we can improvise the use of tools. Even if we can't use certain codes like IFrames or Form, there are other ways to go around scripts to make your Wikia the way you want it. Besides, it's best to not use scripts that can endager the community. I'm actually glad wikia has made itself bullet proof. Even professional scripters can learn something from Wikia. Wikia has it's own use and uses it's own customize codes, like the use of editing emoticons. that comes in handy. Also, Wikia answers was another good development. I can go on and on about this, but that would ruin the purpose of this blog.

IF possible, give me some ideas of things you would invent for wikia? How would you go about it? Explain in detail some good ideas you have in mind. This is going to be very beneficial to the community. Even if a lot of the ideas have been done, your idea still counts and is appreciated. I am glad there are other people like me out there trying to do the same thing. Even if what I wanted to do has been done, I can still help to improve it. There are also things I can do as well that will help Wikia. To me, any positive contributor is a an important contributor, no matter how little they do. 1 Grain of sand is not much, but an entire beach starts off with just one grain of sand!