Yaphet Kotto2

Yaphet Kotto in Running Man film

Yaphet Kotto says Hunger Games ripped off his Running Man which he starred in with Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s unbelievable how close the two movies are….  The Running Man came after Kotto’s Live And Let Die Bond hit and a year or two after “Alien” and Midnight Run, not many actors have starred in so many consistent hits as Kotto, who feels that the rip off was unnecessary, the realization has taken his mind off of the tragedy in the Philippines, but only for a moment. He begins to start a campaign for donation to restore the Tacloban and for the book tour of his new book. Kotto’s anger is not alone.

Yaphet Kotto

Yaphet Kotto and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Running Man film

Arnold Schwarzenegger has given us some of the finest musical numbers of all time, including his odes to PredatorBatman and Robin, and more. But this heartfelt proclamation of how Hunger Games ripped off his beloved classic Running Man may be his greatest work yet, and is titled "Fuck You, The Hunger Games."