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Im Here, Its Ok XD

Kourtnee August 17, 2011 User blog:Kourtnee

Ok, hey Guys, well, Im Kourtnee.

Well, i guess, i joined Wikia because it was free and i could. But in all honesty, i cannot come up with something cool or awesome to write my first wikia. I tought maybe i could write a Wikia about the book im writing? but i honestly dont know i guess. Just, ...yeah, i dont know.

SO you all know, im kinda weird/abnormal/queer/odd/messed up... how ever you wish to put it but in the least, im different.

But i guess being ifferent is cool. But, yeah, if you have any idea's on what i could possibly do my wiki page on then thatd be soooo awesome. I want to be a writer but my current writers block ois messing everything up for me, i cannot even write an Essay without a strauggle :/

so some help for a general Noob would be cool.

Ok, well, i love you guys..

Remember, Live, Laugh, Love, Forgive and Forget...

I love Chuu!~

Kourtnee x.

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