• I live in New York, New York
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is I am a nanny/babysitter/fanfic writer
  • I am neither gender.
  • KovuIsAKitten

    Ask Me Anything 2

    January 6, 2017 by KovuIsAKitten

    So, i dont think i got any comments on my last post. Like i said, ask for advise, or even if you have concerns. I wont know who you are, and neither will anyone else. I can help if i have experienced them, or personally know someone who has. I have great tips. Plus, i may talk and add references from The Joker, and of course, Harley Quinn. They are my favorite DC couple. "Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power." Joker, Suicide Squad. Like that. Except, they may be at the end, like when i said Kisses, Kovu. I may say the same quote forever tho. So, this blog is done because i am freaking tired.

                                                                 "Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power"


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