Geocaching is an outdoor activity internationally known by hikers and mountaineers in over 200 countries, including Antarctica!  Geocaches are hidden containers, also known as geocaches.  These containers have small hidden treasures inside, or sometime a guest log-book to leave a message for your next fellow geocacher.  The hidden treasure is only half of the excitement, finding them is the real fun.  These hidden treasures can be located using GPS or Smartphone’s.  You can share your experience on numerous forums and blogs, and read about others.  Geocaching is a great activity when exploring outdoors, not to mention tons of exercise, and fresh air.  This is a stellar activity for us Girl Scout, because it combines problem-solving with team/partner building. 

Geocaching can be found on many trails in the tri-state.  Please describe an experience you had geocaching.  Tell us where the trail was, and who you partnered with.  Explain any obstacles you may have faced.  How was your adventure?  What were your coordinate points?  Did you find anything in the Cache?  Did you use your Smartphone or a GPS unit?