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    March 16, 2013 by Krakus1250

    No, I'm not running. I'm gonna gun it this time. I can feel your heartbeat, and I know you can feel mine.

    But I ain't gonna runaway. No I ain't gonna run away. Let's just take our time.

    Yeah, I've been wanted and I've been haunted. I've been in love and I didn't want it.

    And I ain't gonna runaway. No I ain't gonna runaway. Lets just take our time.

    I can tell you're coming down to hard on me, but in this life there are no guarantees.

    So give me one more day. To make it all go away. Let's make our sorrows bleed.

    You asked a question, I gave an answer. Never wanted romance, wasn't much of a dancer.

    And I ain't gonna runaway, No I ain't gonna runaway. Let's just take our time.

    You started yellin, like I was a fellon. I've got a secret but I'm not tell…

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