Hello, users of Wikia community! As you know, I am announcing the creation of my latest Wiki! It's called Edna and Harvey Wiki: containing what you'd like to know of a rare game called, "Edna and Harvey Wiki: The Breakout". For more infomation, click this link: Edna & Harvey Wiki, or go to YouTube to watch videos so you may have an idea. Chat feature is also enabled, so you can hang around and discuss whatever you'd like, as long as you follow the wiki's regulations; you may even share ideas on how to improve it as well. So, it's like most other wikis in development: Chat, message walls, etc., though the wiki's topic is very unfamiliar to most people, which is why I developed the wiki. If you are familiar with the game at all, then feel free to edit. If not, then you can ask me, look it up, or find the game online and play it so you know what to add. See you there!