People have to know that only a few users know how to deal with JavaScript. I have some scripts constantly turning on and off, and I need an efficient tool to do it, rather than by editing the site/user scripts.

Few days ago I made a gadget preferences modal where users can select gadgets they wish to use. It's also useful when you have some gadgets that needs to be constantly turned on and off. You can see the script here:

You may also want to read my blog post in regard to the tool.

There are some tools users wish to use, and some they wish to disable. This is in respect to user's rights and should override boundaries in conflict. Also, making the gadget preferences script also requires review, which may be inconvenient if there is a slight conflict to the customization policy or ToU because no one will tell you what gadget exactly violates them.

The question is: Should we enable the gadget preferences like that in Wikipedia?