Last time I tested the Google custom search and contacted Wikia staffs. They told me this is a violation of ToU, so now I have scrapped it. I would like to tell you that I encountered some problems on using the WIkia built-in search engine. For example, I search for the sentence "not appeared in agk parodies yet", and I get the following result.

Wikia built-in search engine:

Google custom search engine:

See the difference? I got what I wanted to find in Google's engine, but not Wikia. Please improve the Wikia search engine in order to give more relevant search results to users. Otherwise, they have to use their own ways. That's not I wanted to see.For an example, if Macs can be a little bit cheaper, people will buy it. Because that's the main reason people don't use Macs. even though Macs are awesome in many ways.

So, please go forward on this. Thanks!