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план курса по французской грамматике

Kuznecov November 13, 2012 User blog:Kuznecov

Задача курса по французской грамматике за 1 курс Дать основные понятия по грамматической структуре изучаемого языка

Тематическая структура курса

My course programme (5 weeks)
Lesson 1 The usage of articles in french language
lesson 2 Conjugation of the verbs of the first group in french language
lesson 3 Present and Past tenses
lesson 4 Revision 1 Test
lesson 5 Conjugation of the verbes of the second and third groups
Lesson 6 Group of Future tenses
Lesson 7 Conditional Present
lesson 8 Past Conditional
lesson 9 Subjunctive Mode in French language
lesson 10 Final test

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