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L.J.S guy

aka LJS another fan of Star Wars

  • I live in Somewhere, in a place like Earth
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is Playing Minecraft, Doing Legos, Painting in Acrylics, HUGE fan of Star Wars
  • I am Boy
  • L.J.S guy

    Hey guys I learned somethin weird bout wikia's logo,if you look closely in the k and i you can see a arrow (or that mouse hand that we use to click stuff) is this a considence or a secret messages,if you cannot see it i will outline it. Or is it used to make the brackets of wiki's logo NOTE: I am not saying wikia is bad,its a cool message,i mean there is something with there logo I am just saying it looks cool.

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  • L.J.S guy


    August 5, 2013 by L.J.S guy

    I was going to Promote my Wikia becuase some of my friends Wiki's done that and does anyone know a Website that could shrink and make Pictures bigger. I knew one but i didn't bookmark it.SOmebody pelase give me a link.

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  • L.J.S guy

    My new wikis are Vurcian wiki and Bisordik wiki. Can you make them more popular? And one more thing,how do you become a staff?

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