Hey everyone! I'm writing this blog to let you all know about the Fallout Myths Wiki! The wiki has actually been around for nearly two years, but only three days ago did myself and a few other users decide to pick it up again. 

The wiki is based on the video game series Fallout, and is focused on the subject of myths (and easter eggs) in the games. It already has over 20 pages, and it is continuing to grow every day! The wiki has also already got some staff as well as policies. It's easy to contribute to the wiki and if you need any help while doing so then feel free to ask myself or another admin.

This wiki is speaking out the myth hunters everywhere, specifically ones who are fans of the Fallout series. The wiki is currently run as an affiliate of the GTA Myths Wiki, a wiki which was one of (if not the) first to become a subject about mythical happenings in video games and make a success of it. 

We hope that some of you who have an interest in these areas come join us and help create another successful video game myths wiki!