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    NA Lost Saga Tier List 2016

    September 20, 2016 by LSnewb

    SSS Tier 


    SS Tier

    Tao Warrior Evo, Energy Researcher

    S Tier

    Lee, Robin Evo, Chemist, Vampire, Fire Mage Evo, Destroyer, Admiral Yi, Hades, Blade, F-Saber, Alice, Arcanist, Cuchulain, Mutant, Apostate, Chain Magician

    A Tier

    Death Knight Evo, Park Il Pyo, Kyo Kusanagi, Necromancer, Silat, Staff Master, Windrunner, Iljimae, Gladiator Evo, Mai Shiranui, Psychometry, Kage Ninja Evo, Galaxy, Red Riding Hood, Dark Knight, Wanderer, Hakumen, Gangrim, Nezha, Sword Master, Demonblade, Nephilim, Ganesha

    B Tier

    Kim Yun Seong, Cyborg, Demon Thief, Anubis, Earth Mage, Dokkaebi, Zhao Yun, Desert Blader, Zorro, Tiger Evo, Shadow Assassin, Ice Mage, Savage Berserker, Musketeer Evo, Pro Wrestler Evo, Rachel Alucard, V-Mechanic, Card Magician, Arthur, Lucifer…

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