Highschool year:1

Date: November 17 saturday 2012

Content: Rated- ( PG-13)

So this is it. Im in grade nine. I thought it would be scary but actually its not. In middle school and in elementary people give you these conceptions that its going to be the most horrible 4 years of your life. I mean maybe I havent really gotten a taste of how it really is yet. Maybe my minor eyes aren't amune to the crappy reality of highschool. But I think so far its not so bad. I mean yeah some teachers can be a bit boring, judgemntal,creepy, and rude and their are teens who act like they are the fuck but I dont get what the big deal is. I hope in the end when im wearing that silly grad gown ( It better not be a bright colour or some crazy shit like that. Black's fine thank you. Except when people wear them it looks like they're the gospel choir at a funeral.) and receiving my diploma ( hopefully :) I'll still see highschool as just a long. repetative, boring, happy, sad, fustrating, puberty striking, pass time that'll lead me to something great.

P.S- Before you get all " highschool was horrible for me, i got bullied, yada yada yada, im not one of those popular or rich bitches that get everything easy and dont see other peoples hardships im just a normal teen girl talking bout life. And I have been bullied in gr2 a little and of course there is the usual playful jokes that u give and get but other then that I dont really have an emotional story in that department and I hope I never will but you never know. I m just saying highschool for me is going pretty good .......... so far

- Soon to be a #1 Newyorktimes bestseller *fingers crossed*

Fatima / Angelsz