[luke casarnari]

Luke aka (the hero of japan) real name lucifer he is the main character of the story and he is the son of lucius the devil he lives with his siblings and his parents that luke is a very intelligent boy that he loves to fight and he most getting laid with every women that he flirt with in his spare time.


He is a young intelligible young man with broken hair and brown eyes but his true eye color is white and red that luke change his eye color so no one be suspicious to his identity.


Luke normally hangs around japan and he like's climbing up buildings eating chinese or japanese food that luke is a animal lover when luke see's a dog he rush and saves it until it is too late that when one of lukes dogs die he gets angry and kills the person who killed them.


when luke was born he was born half demon and half angel but when luke was a the demon hospital to check his results and when they had a look at his final scrip his result had failed and lukes blood was combined and infected his wings to turn black and his demonic and angelic powers was starting to be weakend and was separated from his body and got hold of fallen angel powers