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  • LaughingJacks

    Hello wikians! I decided to make a blog about how you can respond to an adoption request and when to make one. Remember, use responsibly.

    Here are a few tips:

    • When someone says: "You are blocked" or "You are blocked across the wikia network" don't bother posting on them (unless that user's block has ended)
    • A user can only adopt if they have edited for 1 solid week and has created at least 1 page.
    • Admins have to be at least inactive for 30 or 60 days in order for a request to be put up.
    • If wikia staff like Wendy replies on the adoption, she has already closed the case or allowed the user to adopt it

    ColdPlay (Talk - Blogs - Contributions)

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  • LaughingJacks

    The "Nice Work" addon is better, but it's not SUPER AMAZING. See - I love wikia, I go on it everyday. But you could have also added a "Bad Work" attachment, too. You can give feedback to a bad person's work, telling them it's bad. And I don't realize how this will make a gigantic difference in how the person edits. See - A person edits what they think is right so if they get a good work icon from a vandal with an account they will keep doing this. See - It's a bad addon, but I wish "Bad Work" was an addon aswell. Because I love wikia, I won't just flat out leave for the nice work icon being there, I just want it to either be removed or improved. I, personally, want it removed. Thank you all for reading this!

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  • LaughingJacks

    If you are new to wikia, or need to know how to edit like a good person, here is the guide!

    You can fix grammar on the page. If it uses the wrong usage of "You're" or "Your". Fix it to the right use. If the article said "Grab you're bags and run out the door!" then fix it to "Grab your bags and run out the door!" Same thing goes for punctuation. If the article says, "And the man with the scarf said 'Go to your room.' " Spot it yet? You have to fix the word 'said' to 'said,' and the period at the end to an exclamation mark.

    You can also fix words to BETTER words. Like instead of "He swung the sword at naruto." Instead of pronouns, use names, but not all the time. Also capitalize names also. So, use "Zabuza lashed the sword at Naruto!" See theā€¦

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  • LaughingJacks

    Go to your userpage and copy this source code into the source editor:


    Replace NAMEOFCOLOR to whatever color you want.

    Replace NAMEOFFILE to the file to upload.

    Replace SWYWTS with text.

    You got it!

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