Hi, I guess. I suppose this is the place where I start talking about me, but I think that's a bit egocentric, so let's talk about something else.

I suppose I can talk about what I like, which is still a bit egocentric, but not as much. 

I like to read, I suppose. Action, drama, romance, sci-fi. The Fault In Our Stars, Percy Jackson, Endgame, The Lunar Chronicles, to name a few.

Movies? Sure. I like cartoons, throwbacks and nostalgia, some sci-fi here and there. Big Hero 6, WALL-E, Happy Feet, Sully.

TV? Not so much, but medicals and cop shows are my favourites. Hawaii Five-O, Grey's Anatomy, currently hooked on Pure Genius.

Food? Sushi, pizza, classics. Animal? Probably a pheonix or an ice wolf. 

I like art, drawing, sketching, and I'm okay at it. (Again, trying not to be egocentric here)

Writing is okay, except for the fact that I continually never finish what I start, so novels are a big no-no.

I love swimming, and here is where the profession of Dreamer takes place. I hope to make it to the Olympics one day, preferably Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

It is right now that I've come to realize how horribly cliche this blog post has been, but I suppose that egocentricity is inevitable at this point.

My name is Ching, I have light brown eyes, and dark auburn hair that comes down to my side. I'm averagly medium-tall There's your description.

Bye, I guess.