First off, let me start by saying sorry for the short post (recent)

Second, can somebody tell me if "Dos" is actually the right word for "two"?

Third, let me just say that my life is awesome.

Let me elaborate on that third part. By all means, my life shouldn't be awesome. School is boring, too many projects, and I've got a science test next week. But hello? Christmas just happened, and I'm rolling in bread here. New stationary, clothing, but that's not the best. I've become much more technologically advanced, let's just put it that way.

Phone? Check

Sick headphones? Check

Even sicker laptop? Double check.

So yeah, my life is pretty awesome. Not including that I scored major flirting points with a crush. Not that he needs to know that, of course.

I know that these blogs are supposed to be for wiki advice, promotions and the such, but if wikia doesn't mind, I'm going to document my life here a little. Hey, nobody said anything about freeloading.