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    Something To Say:

    November 2, 2010 by Lemmykoopa24

    Wikia, can you not see the hundreds of people that totally hate your idea? Of course you can't, cuz you just won't give us any options because of your precious little money. If I knew any of you in real life, I'd go to you and personally give you a piece of my mind about Oasis. 'Course, your utter disregard for us would definitely prevent that from working.

    Your just hurting yourselves. You prolly saw how many people were leaving wikia because of this. And I don't know much about wikia, but wouldn't that just result in less money?

    My buds back at the wiki I'm usually on, which I'm not going to name because you'll probably just go there and ban users til the cows come home, all agree that Oasis sucks.

    I'll Kill Oasis In It's Sleep,


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