Hey guys.... yeah, I know I'm  not speaking to anyone  at the moment..... but I guess I should post something. 

A little about myself- I love 5FDP, Disturbed, In This Moment, Slipknot.... music is my life. I'm  random, I'm obnoxious, and I love to write. Also, I'm on Wattpad, as aliena12. You should follow me if you like horror  stories. I certainly do.

Anyone here obsessed  with Harry Potter? Dante Walker? How about Hush Hush....?? 

I'm a huge procrastinator. I even put off my writing sometimes. 

Oh yeah! What I write- horror stories, poetry... action, suspense... it depends  on my mood, really. I find I can be a real smart ass, others would say an asshole, but if you ever need to talk, I don't care who you are, you can talk to me about anything. I don't bite... hard. 

Yes I have an instagram, and a Facebook.... no I don't have a Tumblr, or Snapchat, whatever  the hell that is. So many people ask me if I have a Snapchat... it's  quite annoying, actually. 

You like American Horror Story? 

Yes I like American  Horror Story. 

My favorite  movie is The Mummy, with Brendan  Fraser. I also love Indiana Jones. 

By now I'm  just ranting. Oh well, that's  meeeee!! But seriously I'll stop now.