Hi, I'm Leon Davis, a Patroller on the GTA Wiki. I'm not sure who's in charge here, but there have been problems on the Wiki. A user called Sean Siew was banned for edit warring and disputing with staff members. He set up several other accounts with similar names, even setting up two similar to the names of two members, one of whom is also a patroller. He has teamed up with another user called RazorShotter and have plotted to have two patrollers demoted because of the dispute; SmashBro8 and RainingPain17 (who only just made Patroller a few weeks ago).  As seen here they have been plotting to bring down these patrollers, and are using foul language. This morning I was contacted on The Bill Wiki, where I am a bureaucrat, warning me away from these users and tried to get me to join their side, I ignored both requests and removed them from my wall feed. I think that these users need global wikia blocks, to prevent them from spamming and vandalizing wikis, and insulting the users. Please contact me on either the GTA or The Bill wiki (not here) if you are admin or higher.