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  • Lerith

    Brief History Of Wicca

    November 12, 2014 by Lerith

    Ive definitely been noticing that this particular belief system has been getting alot of attention lately, i guess one reason is because you dont see it anymore and people are curious. I would like to tell you what i know and i would encourage any readers to post in the comments because its become an increasingly a hot topic and im interested to hear what people have to say. Im aware that it is one of the oldest faiths in the world and has been around longer than almost any other. Even though to a mordern age it is hard to beleive that any of this was ever beleiveable, it was widely practiced and accepted for the longest time as a major religion. With the rise of cristianity these practices along with many other religions practices were la…

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  • Lerith

    I have a beef with almost all of these low life geeks sitting in theyre mommas basement modding a chat and eating a bowl of dry lucky charms. All of you administrators, moderators or whatever. If this is really your job to make sure a chat this public and widespread remains a "friendly enviroment" you must be out of your ever lovin mind. Thats like asking a rock to float, its not gonna hapen. And if you think for one second your work is appreciated much less noticed by anybody in this community that isnt employed by the company, your wrong. I dont see you dweebs doing anything but saving yourself from a migraine by kicking people out of your chatroom that cause you to pop more Ibuprofen. If im that much of a problem why dont we take at loo…

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