I have a beef with almost all of these low life geeks sitting in theyre mommas basement modding a chat and eating a bowl of dry lucky charms. All of you administrators, moderators or whatever. If this is really your job to make sure a chat this public and widespread remains a "friendly enviroment" you must be out of your ever lovin mind. Thats like asking a rock to float, its not gonna hapen. And if you think for one second your work is appreciated much less noticed by anybody in this community that isnt employed by the company, your wrong. I dont see you dweebs doing anything but saving yourself from a migraine by kicking people out of your chatroom that cause you to pop more Ibuprofen. If im that much of a problem why dont we take at look at what you dorks have been doing. I bet you if i find the ban, block, and global block records of this particular wikia for anyone of you geeks, that it would be astounding how many people piss you guys off on the daily. Me and a crap ton of other users got issue with that and when im done posting this ima see "then dont use this website" or a message saying this thread has been taken down. What is it offensive? Is it against the rules? No im gonna say what i want to say. Im sorry if the users and contributers of this website want you guys to listen to them. They should really know by now that nothing is gonna change and stop crying, your only making your eyes red and giving these mods and admins some well respected attention from theyre loyal users. So what will we do about it....dont answer that because you know the answer. We have no say in this place you want to make a difference here you need to stop whining blogging and writing ban appeal forms and get what your after. You want change in this place you be the change you want to see.