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  • Lightening McQueen

    There are several wikis for the Cars franchise that may have to be deleted since we already have World of Cars Wiki.

    • Pixar Cars Wiki (by McBoo-Blitzman and Lukwisnie)
    • Pixar World Of Cars Wiki by Cars4ever
    • Pixar Cars Wiki by Car9559
    • Disney Pixar Cars Wiki by Cars223412
    • Cars The Video Game Wiki
    • Cars: Mater National Wiki
    • Cars Race-o-Rama Wiki
    • Cars race o Rama game Wiki by Colindavis

    I'm not sure about these wikis:

    • World of Cars-The Cars Wiki by BashShinycap44, which it looks like it has pages on users on The World of Cars Online.
    • Cars 2 character Wiki by Alfiej09, which seems to have fanon names for minor characters who are unnamed.
    • Cars 2 The Video Game Wiki by Starasasaas
    • Cars & Planes wiki (Dutch) (though I so far haven't found any other Dutch wikis for …
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