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The Levels of Trolls

Likercat August 31, 2014 User blog:Likercat

Hi there

I maked this blog to help others to identify trolls and levels of trolls (what i mean with "levels of trolls" is that example: level 1 troll - typing all caps, upseting others)

How do i identify trolls?

Identifying trolls can be hard or easy, for example, trolls spam and sometimes type all caps, but, trolls sometimed can be hard to identify, for example, on chat, trolls sometimes type only one word there (example: Hi, bye) while others thini they are not spamming,

Other trolls want to get admin attention (example: if you are not doing (insert thing here) i am doing (insert vandalism here) that is called wanting to get admin attention, sometimes its easy to just revert his/her edits but if the troll is spamming it might me a banable offense

Levels of Trolls

This will help you categorize the right troll into the right category

Level 1 troll - Spams for websites, spams, normal trolling

Level 2 troll - Typing in all caps, seeking admin attention, normal trolling

Level 3 troll - typing gibberish, flooding chats (bannable offense), average trolling

Level 4 troll - Making sockpuppets to troll and flood chats, average trolling

Level 5 troll - drastically spamming a wiki,  hacking a wiki to troll, vandalize and spam much

Hope this helps you!

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