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    Wikia. This again, what has happened? I don't know if it is my wiki, or just me, but I can't access. I get a random 503 error, please don't let this be like last time.

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    Wikia. Your chat system is lagging BADLY. I just wanted to tell you that. 

    Update: Wikia. Your chat system is gone. I am not joking. I can't access it. WTF?

    Update: Wikia. It just crashed 2 times in the past hour. I feel like giving you guys a record for the problems. Someone call Guiness

    Update: Wikia. The chat. There is no chat. I am not even joking. I go in, no one's there, and I can't type anything. Refreshing it doesn't help...what happened? D:

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    July 11, 2014 by Link is a Master

    Hello. I am wondering how to make a chat bot for a wiki of mine. We have chat mods and admins in here but we are starting to not really use our chat because it is becoming a little unfriendly. I want to make a bot that can come in our chat and help us save the trouble. I want it to be able to ban, kick by our rules. 


    Bow Down to your Master! 03:42, July 11, 2014 (UTC)

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