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Bacon is made out of pig skin, pig skin comes from pigs, pigs have 1 nose, humen have 1 nose, pigs can be used as test-subjects when trying to find cures for humen, yes i wrote humen, and not humans, but 'humans' is just ridiculous, i mean c'mon, does that mean you call men 'mans'? What about women? Are women called 'womans' now?! Seriously! Now where were I? Oh yeah, bacon. Pigs tails are short and curly, bacon can be curly if designed to be, sandwiches can probably also be designed to be like that, curly sandwiches taste bad, bacon egg sandwiches are pretty much just breakfast between 2 pieces of bread, I am only writing this much to have a reason for all of this to be a blog, pronouncing the word 'blog' sounds like 'block', blocks are blocky, minecraft is blocky, blocks are squares, dice are squares, dice have 6 sides, 6 divided by 3 is 2, 6 divided by 2 is 3, some sandwiches have 3 sides, normal bacon sandwiches taste good, bacon has 5 letters, pigs have 2 eyes, 5-2=3, illuminati has 3 edges. Busted.



Illuminati Busted

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