So, there's a new version of the global nav moving into town. And I'm gonna go on record here, and say I like it. Let's hope any upcoming revisions to the new article layout are also good, although changing this would be more complicated.

I'm not here to talk about other possibilities thought, I'm just gonna touch on whether this holds up with what I said in the original Myo's Musings post, since at least some people actually bothered to read that. This is gonna be a short one thought, but hey, it's follow up, what do you expect.

So, does this help or hurt Wikia? Well, there's certainly been positive response in these first hundred comments. You've [I'm gonna change person here and talk directly to Wikia staff] both satisfied many editors, at this rate, and gained the trust of some, myself at least. Most people, again including myself, thought you wouldn't make any real changes to it, and that you wouldn't fix the problems. This whole trust thing definitly helps with inproving on the points I mentioned in the last blog post; the one I'm currently writing folow up for.

Does this at all hurt you? Not as far I can tell. The intrusion of the bar to a first time reader will start before they scroll, and if they don't invertigate it and get lead them to more communities* at some point during their sessions, they probably wouldn't have even if it wasn't transparent.

.*I was a bit negatived toned on this last time, but really it is a good thing readers and potential editors are finding new comunities. We just need them to be able to find smaller communities easier as well. Since that doesn't directly affect you short term, improving your relasionship with smaller communities will definitly help a lot with the trust thing even further.

While I'm at it, I might as well also touch on the fact that you added the Search within [The Current Wiki] to replace Search this wikia. It's small, but it makes a difference. And again has not really advantage from your point, even individualizing wikis somewhat, again reaching out to things editors want. Just a question: The old placement of the search bar had similar text, and it could be modified by CSS magic or whatever (like I've said elsewhere, I can't code), can the same be done here? My wiki had that modified.

So yeah, keep doing what you're doing, and let's work together on this. Oh yeah, and for all you still complaining because we can't change the color, it's transparent now anyway, that doesn't matter much, and I don't think Wikia will be as eager to listen to us in the future if we're jerks about this.

Good job, you've impressed me, at the very least.