In the world right NOW there is a bad thing happening, and it happens every single second. Everyone is persuaded by the meaning of NORMAL but, some people arn't, and to me I see a virus in our world.We can do something for a change but we're toscared to be alone doing it, but if you do something for a change other people will see what your doing and JOIN you, because isn't that what being together all about? There is people killing each other JUST because they are a different COLOR and brothers killing brothers JUST because they are in a different GANG, but the police don't do anything but kill, but that dosn't mean that ALL police are bad, it just means some are and if they want us to "Not do what we're doing", they have to come and stop us. This is because they brought us to America in the first place as slaves, but they don't teach our CHILDREN anything about the REAL past they say " Your family came to America by LANDBRIDGES.So the next time I come up to a police officer i'll say "You brought my family here".