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    Back in June, I wrote about how excited I was to be here, and how at E3, numerous game developers and publishers made a point of telling me how much they love Wikia Gaming wikis, and how excited they were to work with us.

    That enthusiasm is quickly turning into action. If you follow our Wikia Games home page, you probably already know that we’ve been lining up numerous developer interviews: Dragon’s Dogma, StreetFighter, XCOM, even Dishonored.

    Now I’m happy to reveal that the developers who make the games we play and talk about are going to be working with us even more directly. Today, we’re announcing that Sony Online Entertainment is recognizing two of our wikis - Everquest II and Planetside 2 - as the official communities for these two ga…

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  • Lizzunchbox

    Wikia Games Nerd-in-Chief Lizzunchbox (aka George Jones) here again. You may remember me from such edge-of-your-seat posts such as Greetings from Wikia Games and, well, um, that’s it. Hey, I’m the new guy.

    This month, I want to write about something we have planned that we’re all really excited about. A few months ago, managing editor Peter Klambach and myself were talking about the Olympics, and what we could do across Wikia Games to celebrate the occasion. In a split second, we both had the answer. We’d stage a Summer Olympics of our own, and enlist the entire Wikia Games community to help!

    So, this Summer 2012, we’re happy to announce our first ever Video Game Olympics. Have you ever wondered which gaming character would win a 100 Meter s…

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  • Lizzunchbox

    Hi everyone--

    Just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself, and to request your help. I’m George, the new guy at Wikia Games, and I’m beyond ecstatic to be here.

    I spent most of last week in Los Angeles at the video game industry’s E3 trade show playing and watching demos of the best games that will be released over the next 18 months or so. This is easily the best part of my job, and while many “traditional” gaming editors find a way to groan, sigh, and complain their way through the show (“Nothing original”; “I’m tired of Call of Duty”), I found myself mesmerized.

    I always do, and the reason is pretty simple: Video games continue to evolve. This year was more exciting than most because I think we all caught a glimpse of what next-g…

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