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Back in June, I wrote about how excited I was to be here, and how at E3, numerous game developers and publishers made a point of telling me how much they love Wikia Gaming wikis, and how excited they were to work with us.

That enthusiasm is quickly turning into action. If you follow our Wikia Games home page, you probably already know that we’ve been lining up numerous developer interviews: Dragon’s Dogma, StreetFighter, XCOM, even Dishonored.

Now I’m happy to reveal that the developers who make the games we play and talk about are going to be working with us even more directly. Today, we’re announcing that Sony Online Entertainment is recognizing two of our wikis - Everquest II and Planetside 2 - as the official communities for these two games.

For those familiar with Everquest II, you know that our EQ2i wiki is the biggest and best around, and the admins deemed it a good fit for them to receive the “Official” designator.
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The PlanetSide 2 wiki is an upstart, but given the depth and scope of the game, Sony Online Entertainment wanted to make it the official repository for all things related to the game. This is about more than just recognition, however. SOE has also made it clear to us that the developers for both games are going to be actively participating in both wikis. You’ll start seeing them pop up in various places, including blogs, forums, and live developer chats. And you’ll start seeing them uploading screenshots, game documents, and more.

I recently got to talk to Sony Online Entertainment CEO John Smedley - the guy who invented Everquest - and he was really excited about partnering with all of the awesome Wikia Gaming wikis. Keep your eyes open for him. (I also told him that our communities would treat him just like anyone else, which he loved hearing.)

Also great: SOE is going to give Wikia gamers early access to the PlanetSide 2 beta in coming weeks. Keep your eyes open for this - we’ll probably start giving codes out at the end of next week. (While you can sign up for the PS2 beta now, most people are having to wait at least a few weeks/months to get in.)

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They’ll also be delivering lots of cool goodies to the Everquest II wiki as well.

This is new territory for Wikia, and while we are excited about the potential here, we want you to know that official Wikia communities are a part of the family just like everyone else.

I’ll have more to share soon--including beta codes for PlanetSide 2. In the meantime, feel free to sound off below.

Finally, don’t forget to ping me when you publish something awesome, informative, and/or great on your wiki. Happy gaming!

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