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Why I Like Mr. AB 's Class

Lje5994 November 11, 2010 User blog:Lje5994
            I like Mr. AB's class also he's class is my favorite class. It is because he is humorous and teaches us well. For me, when he teaches us, it makes me to understand better and I could see improvements on my grade. He assigns us many fun assignments and is mostly of writing stories but, this improved my writings like ideas or grammar. He tries to teach us better by having fun and see our improvements and I always have fun in his class also I could see a lot of improvements. One of the reason that I like Mr. AB's class is that he talks so funny That makes me to laugh a lot in the class and pay attention better. I am enjoying in his class and I think my classmates also thinks his class is fun and enjoys too. For me, his class is my favorite class! He teaches us many grammar things but in fun way. And I think this is one way how I got to improve my grades and learn better. I always thought grammar is so boring and is not necessary but, I realized that grammar is necessary also important. Important thing about it is that now I like learning grammar a little. Mr. AB's class is the most fun class and best class for me! I think Mr. AB is a good teacher.

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