• Loafart

    Introduction to Miart

    May 13, 2013 by Loafart

    Okay, the first thing is that i just got to find out about the word "wikia" less than 2 hours ago. For someone who seems to spend more time online than offline: since i work online; this is annoying. This is not the first time that it looks like i'll be the last to know about something happening under my very nose, like i only got to hear the word "bitcoin" just last month.

    Anyways, I am here and the first thing i wanted to do was start my own wikia. Naturally i got stuck. Then i figured i should at least sign up first (i figured that out all by myself). After signing up, i went for the "Start a Wikia" again and this time around; i got stuck.

    So i went for the next best thing; post a blog. Now why am i so bent on starting a wikia? It is beca…

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